You can restore the Mirage storage volumes and database in a standalone or clustered environment, where the volumes and database are not co-hosted on the same server as the Mirage Management server.


You must obtain the package prior to installing the Mirage server. For information about obtaining the package, contact VMware Support.


  1. Verify that all Mirage servers and the Mirage Management server are stopped.
  2. Restore all the storage volumes and the database from backup.

    Make sure to restore to original UNC paths.

  3. Copy the to the server machine, extract the zip file, and run the following command from any server machine: Wanova.Server.Tools.exe ResetPendingBI.
  4. Start the Mirage Management server and all servers.

What to do next

If the UNC path was changed on any of the volumes, you must change the UNC path in the Edit Volume dialog box and mount the volume. See Edit Storage Volume Information.