You can create a custom post-migration script to perform certain actions after the migration update, such as install software or add or remove drivers.

About this task

A custom post-migration script is required in cases such as:

  • Install software requiring execution on the individual endpoint. This can include hardware-specific software that is compatible only with certain endpoints.

  • Update or remove hardware drivers that might already exist on the endpoint.

This file and any auxiliary files used or called by the script are captured as part of the base layer and distributed to the various endpoints. It is important to verify that the auxiliary files are placed in the same directory as the script or another directory that is captured in the base layer.


Create a file called post_migration.bat under the %ProgramData%\Wanova\Mirage Service directory. You must edit the file on the reference machine.

The Mirage client installation includes a default sample script that does not perform any post-migration script actions.


The Mirage client monitors the post-migration script execution and reports events to the Mirage central management service if the script returns an error value other than zero.