You can use Active Directory (AD) to add a dynamic CVD collection. You can add CVDs to the collection by Active Directory group, organizational unit, or domain. You can create a filter for multiple Active Directory elements.

About this task

The Active Directory is updated whenever a device is authenticated. Active Directory information might change if the Active Directory is updated for that user or device.


  1. In the Mirage Management console tree, expand the Inventory node, right-click Collections, and select Add a Collection.
    1. Type the name and description for this dynamic collection.
    2. Select Dynamic Collection.
    3. In the Column drop-down menu, set the filter to define the dynamic collection by Active Directory group, Active Directory organizational unit, or Active Directory domain.

      You can select additional filters from the Column drop-down menu.

    4. Click Apply to view the CVDs filtered to the collection. These CVDs appear in the lower pane.
  2. Click OK.