After you generate the certificate, you convert the certificate file extension from .p7b to .pfx. The certificate file extension must be .pfx for the Mirage Gateway server installation.


  • Verify that you installed the Mirage server.

  • Verify that you generated a certificate.


  1. Double-click the certificate and right-click Install Certificate to start the Certificate Install wizard.
  2. Select Place all certificates in the following store and click Browse.
  3. Select the Personal folder in the Select Certificate Store window, click OK to close the window, and click Next.
  4. Verify the information for installing the certificate, and click Finish.
  5. In the Windows MMC, expand the Certificates node followed by the Personal node, and then select Certificates.
  6. Right-click the certificate and select All Tasks > Export .
  7. Follow the prompts, select Yes, export the private key, and click Next.
  8. Select the export file format.
    1. Select the Personal Information Exchange - PKCS #12 (.PFX) check box.
    2. Select the Include all certificates in the certification path if possible check box.
    3. Click Next.
  9. On the Security page, select the Password check box and enter a new password, confirm the password, and click Next.
  10. Save the certificate.
    1. On the File to Export page, click Browse
    2. Locate and select the certificate, and save it as a .pfx file.
    3. Click Save.
  11. Follow the prompts to complete the export procedure.


The certificate is now installed on the Mirage server and configured for SSL.