To create a View desktop pool, you require a virtual machine template that is fully cloned to create all desktop virtual machines.

Follow the instructions in vSphere Basic System Administration for information about using vSphere Client to create virtual machine templates.

Considerations and Recommendations when Creating a Virtual Machine Template

Keep the following information in mind when you create a virtual machine template.

  • The virtual machine template must have the Mirage client, View Agent, and VMware Tools installed.

  • To shorten the mass CVD creation process, allow the designated virtual machine template to complete Mirage centralization with the default Mirage CVD policy before it is converted to a template.

  • To further shorten the mass CVD creation process, ensure that the virtual machine template contains the same content as the base layer that you created. Assign the base layer and any common app layers, for example, the app layer that contains View Agent, to the virtual machine before you convert it to a template.