Mirage users can use the Mirage Web Management to perform role-based actions on CVDs, upload policies, volumes, layers, and so on.

The Web Management is used by various Mirage user roles.

Table 1. Web Management User Roles



Help Desk

Provides information about the Mirage client user device in order to respond to service queries. Access with the Help Desk role displays the Select User and Device page by default..

Image Manager

Captures and assigns base layers and app layers to CVDs. The Image Manager role provisions new devices with a specified image.

Protection Manager

Provides detailed information of the system. Users with the Protection Manager role can update the Mirage system to protect end-user devices.


A super-set of all Mirage operations.

Mirage Web Management user roles are assigned by the Mirage Management console. For more information about the VMware Mirage users and roles, see the VMware Mirage Administrator's Guide.