You can provision pending devices using the Mirage Web Management. You can select the layer to be downloaded, which can be assigned at a later stage.


  1. Go to https://WebManagerServer:7443/VMwareMirage.

    WebManagerServer is the DNS name or IP address of the server where the Mirage Web Management is installed.

  2. Type your user name and password.

    Include the domain in your user name if your company requires it.

  3. Click Login.
  4. Click Pending Devices.
  5. Select the name of the device and click Endpoint Provision.

    The Endpoint Provisioning wizard opens.

  6. On the Select CVD Policy page, select a CVD policy to assign and click Next.
  7. Select Only Download Layer option on the Base Layer Selection page, select the base layer, and click Next.
  8. Select the layer you want to assign on the Application Selection Layer page, move the selected layer from Available Layers to Assigned Layers, and click Next.
  9. Select a volume on the Target Volume Selection page and click Next.

    You can automatically choose a volume or manually choose a volume.

  10. Enter the domain information on the Device Name page and click Next.
  11. Review the validation results for the image assignments to the selected devices on the Validations page and click Next.
  12. Review the final details on the Summary page and click Finish.

    The device provisioning download starts. You can review the progress of your device provisioning download from the Tasks tab.


After the device provisioning download is completed, you must apply device provisioning on the selected assignment. To do so, go to the Assignment tab, select the downloaded file, and click Apply Provisioning