The Mirage reports package contains pre-configured reports. You download the reports package and import the reports using the Mirage Web management.

About this task


The reports in the reports package were created by Mirage field engineers for evaluation purposes. Mirage does not officially support the reports in the reports package.


  • Install the Mirage Management server.

  • Install SSRS for the Mirage Web management.


  1. Access the Mirage Web management and click the Reports tab.
  2. Click the Mirage Reports Package link.
  3. Enter your log-in credentials for
  4. Select View and Download Products > VMware Mirage Drivers and Tools.Click the reportspackage file to download the Mirage reports package and select a location to save the reports package.
  5. Click Go to Downloads and select the file.
  6. In the Mirage Web management, click the Reports tab and click Import.
  7. Navigate to the location where you saved the reports package file, and select the file .rdl file to import.
  8. Specify a name and description for the reports.


You can now generate the reports package reports.