You can customize the minimal set of files that must be restored to an endpoint so that it can reboot to the CVD and work online. The Minimal Restore set generally includes the organization VPN, antivirus, firewall applications, and driver store.

About this task

Minimal restore sets can be static or dynamic.

Table 1. Minimal Restore Set Types

Minimal Restore Set Type


Static Minimal Restore Set

A static list of files created by the administrator and placed in an XML file that is fetched during the restore operation. The files restored provide the endpoint with the minimum environment required to boot to a CVD. The static list is used for all endpoint devices in the system.

Dynamic Minimal Restore Set

This is a CVD-specific list of files that is acquired during normal CVD use. The list is built on each boot and captures the system, applications, and user files over a short time period after booting. A separate dynamic restore set is created for each CVD in the system and is used in conjunction with the static minimal restore set when a restore is performed.

The procedure describes how to customize the minimal set.

You can remove the minimal set using this procedure with the command removeMinimalSet. When this command is run, the entire CVD content is downloaded prior to the restore and online streaming is not used.

You can revert to the original (default) VMware minimal set. The file is located at: C:\Program Files\Wanova\Mirage Server\MinimalSet.xml.

You can used the same file as basis for further customization, such as adding the corporate antivirus and VPN files.


The procedure describes how to modify critical Mirage configurations using the CLI. Follow these steps carefully, as serious problems can occur if the CLI is used incorrectly.


You must be authenticated as a member of a group with access to the Mirage Management console. See Managing Role-Based Access Control and Active Directory Groups.


  1. On the Start menu, click Run, type cmd, and click OK.
  2. In the Command window, type: cd Mirage Server program files path\

    For example, C:\Program Files\Wanova\Mirage Server and then press Enter.

  3. Type Wanova.Server.Cli.exe localhost and press Enter.

    The Mirage server management console starts running.

  4. To export the minimal restore set, type: getminimalset path to output file.
  5. Edit the file using an XML editor.
  6. Add the modified file to the minimal set, using the following command: addMinimalSet path to XML file and press Enter.

    Executing this command overrides any existing static minimal set.

    A message appears confirming that the Static Minimal Set was added successfully.

  7. To view the minimal set, type printMinimalSetand press Enter.
  8. Type Exit and press Enter to exit the Command window.