You can enable end users to create a new CVD for their machine, so that the administrator need not intervene in the critical first phase of adding the machine to the Mirage system. This setting is global for all newly discovered endpoints that communicate to the Mirage server after installation of the Mirage clients.

About this task

You can also define the message that the end user sees when the operation takes place. After this is configured, any device that connects to the Mirage system for the first time prompts the end user to add their CVD.


An end user can also initiate the CVD creation by right-clicking the Mirage icon in their notification area.


When enabling the automatic CVD creation, you must select a default CVD policy in the General tab.


  1. In the Mirage Management console, right-click System Configuration and select Settings.
  2. Click the CVD Auto Creation tab.
  3. Select Enable automatic CVD creation.

    You can change the user message as needed.

  4. Click OK.