You must follow certain guidelines when you capture hardware-specific software.

Follow these guidelines to successfully capture hardware-specific software, such as Dell or HP application and driver suite.

  • Some vendors provide a single OEM application suite that is compatible with many or most of their hardware models. Use this suite for the OEM layer capture.

  • If the vendor only provides an OEM suite that is relevant for a specific hardware model or model line, install the OEM software on the hardware model for which it is intended or on a compatible model.

  • Mirage provides the following ways to deliver OEM device drivers to target endpoints.

    • Through the driver library. For more information about how to deliver device drivers to specific hardware models in a rule-based manner, see Managing the Driver Library.

    • Through base or app layers. In this method, you either install or place all relevant device driver packages in the reference machine, in a path that is also defined in the Windows DevicePath registry value. You can also install the corresponding OEM applications in the same reference machine. You then capture a base or app layer from the reference machine. You can use this layer to deploy OEM applications and drivers to any endpoint of the matching hardware models.