You can set the several advanced options to the CVD policy to provide better performance of the CVD.

The CVD policy advanced options let you provide better performance and optimization for CVDs.

You can access the Advanced Options tab when editing policy rules. See Add or Edit Upload Policy Rules

Table 1. CVD Policy Advanced Options



Optimize for VMware Horizon

Select this option to indicate that each CVD assigned to this policy is a View desktop. Mirage limits the number of concurrent layer updates currently assigned in the System Configuration settings. When this option is selected, the Layer assignment only and the Optimize for LAN environments options are automatically enabled.

Layer assignment only

Select this option to prevent data from the client to be uploaded to the Mirage server. The client is used as an image management tool without the full backup of the client. This option is automatically enabled when the Optimize for VMware Horizon View option is selected.

Optimize for LAN environments

Select this option to deactivate compression and block-level deduplication on each CVD to which the policy is assigned. This provides a faster centralization process Mirage in LAN environments and lowers the resources consumed on the endpoint and Mirage server. When this option is enabled, the restore streaming functionality is disabled. This option is automatically enabled when the Optimize for VMware Horizon option is selected.

Disable client throttling

Select this option to disable the client and network throttling between the Mirage client and the Mirage server, giving priority to Mirage


Protect EFS files

Select this option to restore Encrypted File System (EFS) files to their original encrypted state after files are downloaded in a CVD restore or file-level restore. This option is unavailable when either the Optimize for VMware Horizon option, or the Layer Management Only policy are enabled.

Hide system tray notifications

When enabled, Mirage clients on endpoints run in stealth mode, hiding all informative notifications and system tray icon. Messages that require user interaction (like reboot request) still appear.

Optimize for Horizon View check box

Optimizes performance on servers that use Horizon View to manage virtual machines.