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SaaS-Based Multi-Cloud Networking and Security with VMware NSX+

NSX+ is a new VMware NSX offering that allows you to transition to a SaaS-based multi-cloud operating model.

Note: NSX+ currently supports only data centers.

NSX+ Architectural Diagram

VMware NSX+ is a cloud-delivered networking, security, application visibility, scalable network detection and response, and advanced load balancing as-a-service offering. It allows networking, security, and operations teams to consume and operate VMware NSX services from a single VMware cloud console across private and public clouds.

Shifting Gears to NSX+

In the traditional setup, each cloud or on-premises environment has its own set of networking features, security rules, and automation policies, making it hard to implement unified policies. This results in operational challenges and makes managing on-premises, hybrid, and multi-cloud infrastructure complex. Each environment is managed and operated independently, creating cloud silos.

Image Showing Evolving Multi-cloud Network Architecture

VMware NSX+ helps solve these problems by offering SaaS services that allow consistent policy, operations, and automation across multiple clouds. Enterprises can use the NSX+ cloud console to apply networking and security policies across their on-premises, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments.

Learn about NSX+ Services

  • NSX+ Policy Management: Service that provides the ability to unify and centrally manage networking and security policies across on-premises data centers and cloud environments. For more information, see Using and Managing VMware NSX+ Policy Management.
  • NSX+ Intelligence: Service that simplifies network segmentation, policy compliance, and security visibility to protect against lateral movement of threats. For more information, see Using and Managing VMware NSX+ Intelligence.
  • NSX+ NDR: Service that allows security teams to quickly triage threat campaigns by co-relating threat signals across private and public clouds. For more information, see Using and Managing VMware NSX+ NDR.

NSX+ Workflow

Workflow to onboard NSX+ Services

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