In this section, creation of virtual service, pool, and pool group with labels are discussed.

To create a virtual service which has the app Blue,

[admin]: > configure virtualservice vs-1
[admin]: virtualservice> vip vip_id 0 ip_address
New object being created
[admin]: virtualservice:vip> save
[admin]: virtualservice> services port 80 New object being created
[admin]: virtualservice:services> save
[admin]: virtualservice> labels New object being created
[admin]: virtualservice:labels> key app value blue 
[admin]: virtualservice:labels> save
To create a pool with app green,
admin:10-79-110-8]: > configure pool pool-1
[admin:10-79-110-8]: pool> labels New object being created
[admin:10-79-110-8]: pool:labels> key app value green 
[admin:10-79-110-8]: pool:labels> save
[admin:10-79-110-8]: pool> save
From the example, the virtual service VS-1 has access to app blue, and the pool has access to app green. The role system-admin has write access to both apps blue and green, defined in the privileges.