To add the cluster IP within the NSX Advanced Load Balancer user interface, navigate to Administration > Controller > Edit.

You can specify the following details:


  1. Cluster Information
    1. Name : Specify the name of the cluster.
    2. Controller Cluster IP : Specify the new address.
  2. Cluster Nodes
    1. Hostname/IP : Specify the host name assigned to this Controller VM.
    2. Name : Specify the name of the host.
    3. Password : Specify the password to be used while authenticating with this node (Not persisted).
    4. Public IP : Specify the public IP address or hostname of the controller VM.
  3. After specifying the necessary details, click on Save button.

    As of NSX Advanced Load Balancer 16.3, DNS host names may be specified in lieu of IP addresses as explained in Cluster Configuration with DNS Hostnames.