This section discusses about the prerequisites of Image Management and Service.

Image Management and Service

Image service is the first step in the flexible upgrade work-flow. It is used to upload the image after which an upgrade operation can be initiated. The NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller hosts images of different versions since SE groups could be potentially in different versions.

The NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller should have additional disk space to host these images.

NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller images for the major versions include the followings:

  • controller.pkg (for VM-based NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller)

  • controller_docker.tgz (For Docker-based Controller)

Images for the patches include the followings:

  • avi_patch.pkg — Full package

  • controller_patch.pkg —NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller package

  • se_patch.pkg — SE patch package

As a part of the upload process, image service extracts files, metadata from the package. This information is not only presented to the user but also used in the upgrade process.

  • Images from NSX Advanced Load Balancer release 17.2.8 onwards are upgradeable to an image for NSX Advanced Load Balancer release 18.2.6. The image prior to the release 17.2.8, should be migrated to 17.2.8 image after which it can be upgraded to 18.2.6.

  • Image service provides an ability to upload, query and delete NSX Advanced Load Balancer image(s) to the system.

  • Image service supports the upload of NSX Advanced Load Balancer patch packages.

  • Image upload can happen only on the cluster leader. It is not allowed from a cluster member.