This task helps you to change licensing tier from Enterprise edition to the Basic edition.

Use the configure systemconfiguration mode to change the default_license_tier to basic.

[admin:ctrl]: > configure systemconfiguration
[admin:ctrl]: systemconfiguration > default_license_tier basic
overwriting the previous entered value for default_license_tier
[admin:ctrl]: systemconfiguration > save
  • After changing the licensing tier to the Basic edition, SEs are associated with the Basic Service Cores.

  • The Enterprise Service Cores are freed up and are not used anymore when the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller runs in the Basic edition.

  • The NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller will start enforcing Basic edition feature restrictions.

  • New System-Default objects are created according to the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Basic edition support.

  • The events related to the system objects and the configuration changes are available under Operations > Events.

  • There are various events related to the deletion of network profiles, WAF Profiles, e.t.c.


Once all the features and configurations specific to the Enterprise edition are removed, NSX Advanced Load Balancer CLI is used to switch to the desired licensing tier.