This section focuses on a few scenarios for deploying the NSX Advanced Load Balancer DNS service.

Authoritative Name Server for a Subdomain (Zone)

The corporate name server delegates one or more subdomains to the NSX Advanced Load Balancer DNS service, which in turn acts as an authoritative DNS server for them. In the example shown below, and are the subdomains. Typically, the corporate name server will have a Name Server (NS) record pointing to the NSX Advanced Load Balancer DNS service ( Client queries for these subdomains are sent directly to NSX Advanced Load Balancer, whereas all DNS requests outside of are instead sent to the external “.com” name server.

Primary Name Server for a Domain

NSX Advanced Load Balancer DNS responds to any zone it has been configured to support in this case, where there is a primary name server for a domain with pass-through to corporate name server. DNS queries that do not match NSX Advanced Load Balancer DNS records pass through (proxy) to corporate DNS servers via a virtual service pool created for this purpose. If members of that pool receive DNS requests outside the corporate domain (in this case,, they send them to their external “.com” name server.

Load Balancing

The NSX Advanced Load Balancer SE group pools the corporate DNS servers and exposes them as a single, scaled DNS service.