NSX Advanced Load Balancer UI has the Topology Policy option to use when the GSLB algorithm is set as Topology. Use the following steps to configure the topology-based GSLB algorithm for selecting pool members.

The configuration is divided into the following main points:

  • Associating a topology policy with the virtual service

  • Setting the GSLB algorithm for the GSLB Service as Topology

To configure topology algorithm using NSX Advanced Load Balancer UI:


  1. Login to NSX Advanced Load Balancer UI and navigate to Applications > Virtual Services. Select the desired virtual services and click the edit option.
  2. Navigate to the Policies > Topology Policy tab.
  3. Create a new topology policy by clicking on the plus icon.
  4. Provide the desired name, match criteria, and actions for the new rule. Once all the fields are configured, click Submit.

  5. Navigate to Applications > GSLB Services and select the required GSLB service.
  6. Select the edit options available for the pool in the GSLB pools section.
  7. Select Topology from the drop-down available for the Pool Members Load Balancing Algorithm field.