In the below examples, we use the same object names as used in the above UI configuration, i.e., gs-1, gpki-server, gap-1, and ghm-ping. Each shell command has many subcommands; we show only the ones that are especially relevant to GSLB site persistence.


  1. Configure the PKI Profile

    Shell command: configure pkiprofile gpki-server

    Subcommands: is_federated

  2. Configure a Federated Application Persistence Profile

    Shell command: configure applicationpersistenceprofile gap-1

    Subcommands: is_federated, persistence_type, server_hm_down_recovery

  3. Configure a Health Monitor

    Shell command: configure healthmonitor ghm-ping

    Subcommands: is_federated

  4. Configure the GSLB Service

    Shell command: configure gslbservice gs-1

    Subcommands: application_persistence_profile_ref, health_monitor_refs, is_federated, site_persistence_enabled