Starting with NSX Advanced Load Balancer release 20.1.3, string groups are supported in addition to the match value pattern as mentioned in the previous section. The string group consists of the followings:

  • String Group – UUID of the string group containing key used in the match element.

  • Key – PCRE-supported regular expression.

  1. Navigate to Templates > WAF > WAF Policy > Positive Security tab.

  2. The option to use string groups is available under Match Elements while creating a New Argument rule is as shown below:

  3. For the string group, select the default System-PSMGroup-Types from the drop-down or create a new string group.

  4. For the default System-PSMGroup-Types, select one of the KEY NAMES as shown below.

  5. To create a new string group, select create from the drop-down as shown below.

  6. Provide the name, enable the checkbox for Key Value Pair.

  7. Provide the name of new key and enter a PCRE supported expression under the Value field, and click on the Add Map option as shown below:

  8. Provide the name of the key created in the previous step as shown below.


The maximum value of the string groups that NSX Advanced Load Balancer supports is 100. A string group supports a maximum of 1000 key values.