This section focuses on identifying GSLB pool member by IP address or virtual service.

The following table explains the various configuration entities for GSLB pool members:

IP Address or FQDN The pool member is identified by its IP address or by a FQDN that is resolved to an IP address by the Controller. The DNS service monitors the health of the resolved IP address. If the user has configured an IP address (in addition to the FQDN), then the IP address will get overwritten whenever the periodic FQDN refresh is done by the Controller.
Third-party Site Cluster Controller Refer to the Third-Party Site Configuration and Operations for more details.
Public IP Address This field is used to host the public IP address for the virtual service. It gets translated to the private IP by a firewall. Client DNS requests coming in from within the intranet should have the private IP served in the A record, and requests from outside should be served the public IP address.
Enabled Set to On by default so that the IP address of this member will be provided in DNS responses.
Ratio This field overrides the default ratio of 1. It reduces the percentage of the load-balancing algorithm that would pick the GSLB pool member associated with its peers. The allowed value ranges between 1 and 20.
Geo-Location Source Specify the geolocation source or set the User Configured option from the pulldown to enter data about a particular location. Refer to the Geolocation-based Load Balancing Algorithm for GSLB Members for more details. The fields to supply if defining a location on the fly are shown below.