This section explains Bot Management service offered as part of Live Security Threat Intelligence. Bot management is a strategy that enables you to filter which Bots are allowed to access your web assets and which should be rate-limited or blocked completely.

This service currently delivers real-time feed for the 'User-Agent' database which is a critical bot detector component. Customers can protect their applications from bad bots by enabling this service on their Controller deployments.


It is important to enable IP Reputation service as well to get comprehensive protection from bad bots.

Feature Highlights

  • Bot detection

  • Bot classification

  • Allow/Deny, rate-limit bad bots

Data Collection and Retention Policy

Data Collection: No data is collected by and for this service. User-Agent database updates are pushed only to the Controllers where this service is opted-in (enabled).

Data Retention: Does not apply to this service.


This service does not store or exchange any customer data.

This service has no access to customer infrastructure, including, NSX, vCenter, and others.

This service does not read or write any configurations on the registered NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controllers.

How to enable this service

This is an 'opt-in' service and is disabled by default. Customers will need to opt-in to enable this service. To opt-in to this service and enable User-Agent DB updates.

  1. Navigate to Administration > Settings > Cloud Services.

  2. Click on EDIT.

  3. Under Live Security Threat Intelligence, select User Agent DB.

  4. Click SAVE.


Customers can opt-out of this service at any time and the IP Reputation updates will stop.

Service Details

VMware utilizes whatismybrowser as its User-Agent database source. User-Agent database is cached on NSX Advanced Load Balancer Cloud Services portal. Registered NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controllers where this service is enabled, pull User-Agent database data from NSX Advanced Load Balancer Cloud Services portal. The Controllers then immediately update connected Service Engines as part of its configuration update process.

For more details on BOT management, refer to BOT Management guide.

Impact of Unavailability

During the period that this service is down, new User-Agent database updates will not be pushed to enabled NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controllers. Load Balanced applications will continue to utilize cached User-Agent database (in conjunction with other Bot detectors) available on the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controllers to detect, classify and protect against bad bots.