Proactive Support service offered as part of NSX Advanced Load Balancer Cloud Services delivers zero-touch support experience on enabled NSX Advanced Load Balancer deployments.

It takes lot of time and effort into initiating and tracking support queries and finding resolutions to issues related to the product.

It involves interacting with multiple entities such as the NSX Advanced Load Balancer to collect relavant information such as tech-supports and the customer connect support portal to create cases and upload tech support. Additionally, there is scope for loss or mis-communication of vital information.

Proactive support will provide a hassle-free experience and manage end-to-end experience for all support related tasks as they related to the NSX Advanced Load Balancer, including automatically creating a case, uploading relavant information to the case in a timely manner, and others. You can also use the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller to create a support case.