This section describes about per-app Service Engine (SE) mode.

Per-app SE mode enables cost-effective deployment of load balancers on a dedicated LB-per-application basis with a high degree of application isolation. This setting is at an SE group level.

When an SE group is configured in per-app SE mode, a vCPU counts at a 25% rate for licensing usage. For example, each 2-vCPU SE in a per-app SE group utilizes half a vCPU license (2 * 0.25).

Per-app SE mode is limited to a maximum of 2 virtual services per SE so that customers can also enable HA. All HA modes are supported. Per-VS license mode is not supported for DNS virtual services.

Configuring Per-App SE Mode in the NSX Advanced Load Balancer UI

  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Service Engine Groups .

  2. Select the SE group to be edited and click the pencil (edit) icon.

  3. Per-app SE mode is available under High Availability & Placement Setting, as shown in figure below. By default, per-app SE mode is disabled for any SE group.

  4. Click on the check box to enable Per-app SE mode and then click on Save.

Note that the displayed value of Virtual Services per Service Engine automatically changes to 2.

Configuring Per-App SE Mode in the NSX Advanced Load Balancer CLI

Invoke the following commands from the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller shell prompt to enable per-app SE mode when defining any SE group.

[admin Controller]: > configure serviceenginegroup <name-of-the-SE-group>
[admin Controller]: serviceenginegroup> per_app
Overwriting the previously entered value for per_app
[adminController]: serviceenginegroup> save
per_app | True


One can only set per-app SE mode when first defining an SE group. It can’t be toggled on a pre-existing setup. Any attempt to toggle the option will be ignored, and an error message will be displayed.