This section focuses on the additional parameters available using the advanced setup option on NSX Advanced Load Balancer UI.

To configure GSLB Service Advanced Setup using NSX Advanced Load Balancer UI:


  1. Navigate to Applications > GSLB Services.
  2. Click Create, and select the Advanced Setup option.

    Notice the Pool Member section of the basic setup editor has been replaced by the GSLB pool section shown below.

  3. Click the edit icon to open the GSLB Pool editor.

    These additional options are not available in the Basic Setup editor.

    Refer to the table below for addition configuration option available in the advanced setup.

  4. Create a GSLB pool.
    1. Navigate to Applications > GSLB Service > Create > Advanced Setup > Add Pool.

      In NSX Advanced Load Balancer, the location for the load balancing algorithm for pool and group has been changed for the basic and advanced set-up.

  5. The following table explains the various configuration entities for GSLB pool members:




    The DNS service selects the pool with the highest priority that is operationally up. The value of this optional parameter ranges between 0 and 100. Non-unique values among groups are allowed. It may be left unset. The value of 10 is merely a placeholder.

    LB Algorithm

    For Active Active pool configurations, select either round-robin (the default), consistent hash, geo, or topology.

    Number of IPs returned by DNS Service

    If 0, then all IP addresses are returned. You can specify a count between 1 and 20.

    TTL served by DNS service

    If the default from the DNS service is not suitable, a value between 1 and 86400 seconds may be selected for all DNS records served on behalf of all GSLB pool members.

    Down Response

    When the service is down, this field will govern the response from the DNS. You can select no response, an empty response, a fallback IP, or a response containing all records.

    Resolve CNAME

    Check this box to resolve CNAME