This task explains how to create controller VM from GCP console.

To create controller VM from GCP console:


  1. From the GCP Console, navigate to Compute Engine > VM instances.
  2. Click Create Instance.
  3. Enter the Name.
  4. Select the Region and Zone where the VM has to be created.
  5. Select the Machine type. This depends on the scale required. A minimum of n1-standard-8 is recommended.
  6. Under Boot disk, click on Change to configure the boot disk details.
  7. Click the Custom Images tab and select the image that was created in the section Creating the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller Image.
  8. Select SSD persistent disk as the Boot disk type with a minimum of 128 GB disk space.

  9. Click Select to save the configuration.
  10. Under Identity and API Access, select a Service account to be attached to the VM, using which the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller authenticates GCP for API access.

    If you don’t want to add the service account to the VM then service account’s JSON key can be added to the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Cloud later, refer to Authentication.

  11. Add the GCP Firewall target tags created to allow traffic from the SE to the Controller and the clients accessing the Controller.
  12. Click the Networking tab.
  13. Click Network Interfaces and select the VPC network and subnet in which the Controller should be created.

    The VPC can be in another Project and is shared with this Controller project.

  14. Click Create.


The Controller VM will be up in a few minutes.