SE installation in write access mode is automatic.

  1. From the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller UI, navigate to the Infrastructure > Clouds page on the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller on your browser.

  2. Select Create to configure a new cloud. Select VMware as the orchestrator and provide name the Cloud.

  3. Enter the vCenter settings.

  • vCenter credentials – To create SEs, the vCenter account must have privileges to create new folders in vCenter.

  • vCenter FQDN/IP address

  • Access Permissions – Select Write

  • Set SDN Integration Settings to None

Figure 1. VCenter Settings

If the given vCenter credentials authenticate successfully with the vCenter Address given, then the Controller discover the DataCenters managed by this vCenter. Select the followings:

  • Data center – The SEs will be deployed in this DataCenter

  • IP allocation method for the networks where the pools and virtual services will be located – DHCP or Static. (Defaults to static)

Figure 2. VCenter Data Center Settings

Select the Management network PortGroup.

  • This PortGroup will be mapped to the management network vNIC on the SEs

  • This PortGroup should be configured to have IP connectivity to the Controllers

  • IP addresses for management can be either DHCP or static

    • Static IP addresses can be configured in the Static IP address pool

Note : The example snapshot shows static IP allocation

Figure 3. VCenter Network

Click Complete to create a vCenter Cloud on NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

Figure 4. VCenter Final Configuration