This installation guide discusses integrating NSX Advanced Load Balancer with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances.

The Amazon EC2 is one of the services provided by Amazon Web Service (AWS). Amazon EC2 instance types comprise various combinations of memory, storage, CPU, and networking capacity. The integration of the Amazon EC2 instances with NSX Advanced Load Balancer provides flexibility to choose from various resources based on the application or user requirements.

NSX Advanced Load Balancer offers elastic application services that extend beyond load balancing to deliver real-time application and security insights, simplify troubleshooting, auto scale predictively, and enable developer self-service and automation in Amazon Web Services.

The NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller analyzes traffic and, based on real-time analytics, can scale out / scale in SEs to load-balance traffic that varies over time.

SEs handle all data plane operations within NSX Advanced Load Balancer by receiving and executing instructions from the Controller. The SEs perform load balancing and handle client and server traffic.