This section discusses the steps to download the SE on OVA.

  1. The OVA image file for Service Engines is embedded in the Controller image. The NSX Advanced Load Balancer SE OVA image can be downloaded using the web interface or the API.

    1. Using the NSX Advanced Load Balancer UI, navigate to Infrastructure > Cloud, click the button and select se.ova to download the OVA image.

  2. Using the API, navigate to http://avi-ctrl-ip/api/fileservice/seova, where avi-ctrl-ip is the IP address of the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller.

  3. After you install the OVA and before you power the Controllers on, edit the hardware resources and change the CPU, memory, and disk to the minimum recommended values for production. For more information, see NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller Sizing.