This section explains the DPDK support for AWS.

Starting with NSX Advanced Load Balancer release 20.1.1, DPDK support on AWS native AMI SE is available at the SE level.

The following options are available under the SE Group boot-up properties for the DPDK support:

  • se_dpdk_pmd: This configuration knob enables the DPDK mode when the value of the se_dpdk_pmd parameter is set to 1.

  • max_queues_per_vnic: The max_queues_per_vnic parameter in SE-group properties allows configuring the maximum number of queues per dispatcher.


DPDK is disabled by default.

DPDK is supported on AWS instances that support the Elastic Network Adapter (ENA). For the detailed information on the max_queues_per_vnic option, see Multiple Queues per Dispatcher.