This section gives details on software compatibity versions for various ecosystems.

Software Requirements for Linux Server Cloud

The following are the software requirements for installing NSX Advanced Load Balancer on a Linux server cloud:



NSX Advanced Load Balancer (distributed by VMware as a Docker image)

18.2 or greater

Docker (image management service that runs on Linux)

1.6.1 or greater

Operating systems (OS) and kernel versions to enable DPDK

See System Requirements section

Python to run scripts

Installable various ways; left to the customer's preference

Software Requirements for OpenStack Cloud

The following table lists the software requirements:



NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller


OpenStack (and Neutron service)

  • Ocata

  • Pike

  • Queens

  • Rocky

  • Stein

  • Train

  • Ussuri

Neutron extension for allowed-address-pair