This section details whats added newly in the current release.

  • Dynamic User agent cache  with JA3 / JA3S TLS fingerprinting.

  • Open API specification for NSX Advanced Load Balancer Cloud Services APIs. For more information on Cloud Services API, refer api-docs.

  • Subscription purchase workflow with SPP credits. (This feature is available for tech preview).

  • Improved email templates to assist customers on subsciption lifecycle (Onboarding/ Activation/ Addon/ Evaluation).

  • CSP (VMware Cloud Services Platform) OAuth login flow for the Controller registration, when the Controller is in ENTERPRISE_WITH_CLOUD_SERVICES tier.

  • Extended Inventory support to gather statistics which include types of virtual services, such as, L4/ L7/ HTTPS/ HTTP/ WAF, pools, clouds, VSVips, Service Engines.