You can configure an IPv6 BGP peer using CLI.

To configure an IPv6 BGP peer, login to the Controller shell, and execute the following commands:

peer_ip6 ipv6_peer_address
subnet6 ipv6_subnet
remote_as AS_identity
md5_secret password

The following is an example of configuring an IPv6 BGP peer, with an IP address of 2006::54, and a subnet of 2006::/64.

[admin:cntrlr]: > configure vrfcontext global
[admin:cntrlr]: vrfcontext> bgp_profile
[admin:cntrlr]: vrfcontext:bgp_profile> peers
New object being created
[admin:cntrlr]: vrfcontext:bgp_profile:peers> peer_ip6 2006::54
[admin:cntrlr]: vrfcontext:bgp_profile:peers> subnet6 2006::/64
[admin:cntrlr]: vrfcontext:bgp_profile:peers> remote_as 1
[admin:cntrlr]: vrfcontext:bgp_profile:peers> md5_secret avi123
[admin:cntrlr]: vrfcontext:bgp_profile:peers> save
[admin:cntrlr]: vrfcontext:bgp_profile> save
[admin:cntrlr]: vrfcontext> save