This section explains the steps to configure Load Balancing Cert Auth Service.


  1. Creating Application Profile: The default Layer 4 profile can be used (System-L4-application).
  2. Creating TCP and UDP Profile: Use the same steps as followed for creating TCP profile for the Cert Proxy service.
  3. Creating Monitor
    1. To create a custom health monitor, navigate to Templates > Profiles > Health Monitors and click on Create.
    2. Enter the details in the New Health Monitor screen as shown below
  4. Creating Persistence Profile: Use the same persistence profile that was created for the Cert Proxy service.
  5. Creating IP group: Use the same IP group that was created for the IDM Horizon service.
  6. Creating Pool.
    1. To create the pool, navigate to Applications > Pools.
    2. Click on the Create Pool option. Enter the details as shown below:

  7. Creating Virtual Service: Follow the same step as mentioned for the virtual service creation for the KDC service.