An SE in a legacy HA SE group cannot be “deactivated” per SE. Instead, a special workflow is required. This section describes the workflow in detail.


  1. Use a switchover serviceengine name-of-SE command to switch all active instantiations of virtual services to the other SE in the legacy group. The switchover command determines which virtual services running on the SE are active. Any standby instantiations running on the SE are unaffected.

    Switchover functionality is currently unavailable in the NSX Advanced Load Balancer UI.

  2. The virtual service switchovers occur asynchronously hence it is required to wait until all have been completed. Poll the SE event log to verify all virtual services are in standby mode.

    The standby virtual services must not be in the SE_STATE_DISABLED state.

  3. The only way to prevent the standby SE from taking on any active virtual services is to remove it from the legacy SE group. This can be done by moving it into a “maintenance” SE group created for the purpose.
  4. At this point, the legacy HA SE group comprises just one active SE. To return to a state of high availability, there are two options:
    • Option 1: If the Controller has a write access to the cloud, it will automatically spin up a replacement SE.

    • Option 2: Otherwise, the manually add an SE to the group.

    • To expedite Option 2, you can spin up the replacement SE in the maintenance group before removing the standby SE from the legacy HA SE group.

    • Switchovers can be accomplished either through the REST API or CLI.

    • The SE moves mentioned above can be accomplished through the REST API, CLI, or UI.