This section covers the configuration steps of pool group sharing.

While working with pools or pool groups continue to be the same, with pool group sharing:

  • There is an increased number of pool group choices when configuring a virtual service.

  • There are more ways to extract pool-related information when querying for statistics.

To assign a pool group to an existing virtual service:


  1. Navigate to Applications > Virtual Services.

  2. Click the edit icon against the required virtual service.
  3. Select Pool Group in the Edit Virtual Service: screen.

  4. Select the required pool groups from the list.

    The Edit Virtual Service: screen appears as shown in the following figure:


    You can create a pool group by clicking Create Pool Group or navigating to Applications > Pool Groups > Create Pool Group. See Configuration section in the Pool Groups for more details.

  5. Click Save.


The selected pool groups are now assigned to the required virtual services. With pool group sharing, you can see there is a broader set of pool groups available.