Service Engine creation on VMware vCenter cloud may fail because of failure to retrieve UUID and CREATE_SE_FAIL. Troubleshooting of this error is discussed in this topic.

The following error was observed in the event log on the Controller.

09/12 4:22:51 PM	Default-Group	Service Engine Group CREATE_SE_FAIL	Service Engine Avi-se-abcde creation failed
se_grp_name: Default-Group
se_cookie: e2c763f4-6c8d-4f71-b2d5-1fb2ac66362d
status_code: 16
availability_zone: N/A
reason: Failed to retrieve UUID for Avi-se-abcde
cloud_name: Default-Cloud
vcpus: 1
memory: 4096
se_name: Avi-se-abcde

As seen in the event logs mentioned above, the creation of SE Avi-se-abcde fails with the error CREATE_SE_FAIL Service Engine Avi-se-abcde creation failed. The reason for the failure is Failed to retrieve UUID for Avi-se-abcde.

Error Resolution

Check the regional setting (language) for the VMware vCenter service account LOCALSYSTEM. The language for the vCenter service account must be set to en-US. For more information on setting the language, see Changing the default language of VMware vCenter Server. The service account used in the cloud configuration must have English as a locale.

Reason for failure

As the language of the service account is not set to en-US, the NSX Advanced Load Balancer fails to retrieve the UUID of Service Engine virtual machines. The NSX Advanced Load Balancer retrieves the UUID of the SE VM from the MAC address of Network Adapter 1.

To troubleshoot, run the following API call and check the output against the label. As observed in the following output, the label returns the output Netzwerkadapter 1 in German and not Network Adapter 1 (English).

"mgmt_vnic": false,
"type": "CLOUD_VCENTER",
"**label": "Netzwerkadapter 1", <-- This returning in German language for example**
"del_pending": false,
"connected": true,
"mac_addr": "00:50:56:8d:47:7b",
"network_uuid": "",
"network_name": "avi_Server",
"avi_internal_network": false