SE interface communicates with the Controller cluster used for its data plane traffic. This section explains how to enable/ deactivate the in-band management attribute on an SE.

  • If in-band management is enabled on an SE, that SE will not support multiple VRFs.

  • To enable multiple VRFs on an SE, it must be deployed with in-band management deactivated. The caveat with disabling in-band management is that the management interface will not be used for data plane traffic. Hence no virtual service will be placed on this interface and this interface will not be used to communicate with the back end servers.

  • If DPDK is not used, inband management will be enabled regardless of the cloud setting.

SE In-band Management Configuration Using Linux Server Cloud

The section details deployment of an SE with in-band management enabled or deactivated using the Linux Server Cloud configuration on the Controller UI.

A new server added to the Linux Server configuration will inherit the cloud-level in-band management property. This property can be explicitly modified per host to override the cloud-level value.