This section describes how to add a new SE to an existing Linux server cloud.

The following are the steps to add servers to a Linux server cloud:


  • The Controller must be already installed.

  • The Linux server cloud configuration must exist on the Controller.


  1. Navigate to Infrastructure > Clouds. Click Create > Linux Server.
  2. Enter the Name of the Linux server cloud.
  3. You can configure a Service Engine by selecting the options from Template Service Engine Group field in the General section.
  4. Under Linux tab, the SSH User field shows the SSH user name the Controller will use to log onto each of the SE hosts. A key generated by the Controller for that SSH user account is required, and must be present in the authorized keys store of each SE host. For managing keys for SE hosts, see Public Key Management on SE Hosts section.
  5. Under Directory Path for Service Engine Usage, a default path and disk space are allocated to the system and client logs. You can customize the directory path and disk space by selecting separate paths for system and client logs and entering relevant information in the following fields:
    • Auto-select path

    • Single path for all logs

    • Seperate paths for System and Client logs

    For each Linux server that will host an SE, specify the following information:

    • Host IP address: Must already be configured on the host

    • Service Engine Group - The SE group association for the SE.

    • Enable DPDK

    • Enable Inband Management

    • Cores - Number of Cores for Service Engines

    • Memory (GB) - Amount of memory for Service Engines

  6. Click Save option.