This section shows the web interface pop-up and CLI commands for deploying a Controller cluster.

To deploy a Controller cluster, you must deploy a single Controller node (the leader), and then add the follower nodes to the leader. Ensure that after using the setup wizard to install NSX Advanced Load Balancer on the follower nodes, you do not make any other configuration changes on these nodes.

Web Interface

The following are the steps to deploy a cluster on the web interface of the Controller that will be the leader:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Controller > Nodes and click Edit.

  2. Specify Controller Cluster Name and IP address. For more information on Controller cluster IP address, see Controller Cluster IP topic in the VMware NSX Advanced Load BalancerAdministration Guide. This will be the shared management IP address of the cluster.

  3. Specify the host IP addresses of each of the 3 nodes in the Cluster Nodes fields.

    1. Controller Node-1: Host IP address of the leader node.

    2. Controller Node-2: Host IP address of one of the follower nodes.

    3. Controller Node-3: Host IP address of one of the other follower nodes.

  4. Click Save.


Login to the CLI (or CLI shell) and enter the following commands:


Ensure that you specify the host IP addresses of your Controller nodes. The IP addresses shown in the example are for illustration purposes only.

Configure the cluster with the Controller nodes at [‘’, ‘’, ‘’].

configure cluster
Updating an existing object. Currently, the object is:
| Field         | Value                                        |
| uuid          | cluster-eb01bf05-7313-4a4f-91b6-21e46d3c237d |
| name          | cluster-0-1                                  |
| nodes[1]      |                                              |
| name          |                                  |
| ip            |                                  |
| vm_ref        | EB01BF05-7313-4A4F-91B6-21E46D3C237D         |
| vm_mor        |                                              |
| vm_hostname   | node1.controller.local                       |
| tenant_ref    | admin                                        |
: cluster> nodes name ip
New object being created
: cluster:nodes> save
: cluster> nodes name ip
New object being created
: cluster:nodes> save
: cluster> save

If you add or remove nodes from the cluster, then you need to bring down this Controller and back it up with the new configuration.

Waiting for the cluster to be ready...
Controller is ready.