This section explains the installation considerations and required prerequisites when installing NSX Advanced Load Balancer with VMware vSphere.

Points to Consider

  • Write access is the recommended deployment mode. It is the quickest and easiest way to deploy and offers the highest levels of automation between Avi Vantage and vCenter.

  • After completing the deployment process, click here for more information on creating virtual services.

  • Avi Vantage can be deployed with a VMware cloud in either no access, or write access mode. Each mode is associated with different functionality and automation, and also requires different levels of privileges for Avi Controller within VMware vCenter. For complete information, refer to Avi Vantage Interaction with vCenter.

  • The Avi Vantage administrator needs to download only one Service Engine image for each type of image needed (ova/qcow2/docker). The same Service Engine image can be then used to deploy Service Engines in any tenant and cloud configured in the system. For more information, refer to Manually Deploy Service Engines in Non-Default Tenant/Cloud.

  • It is recommended to use the built-in Virtual Service Migration functionality.