You can view the events log to inspect when an object was created, modified, or deleted.


For tier one objects such as virtual services, pools, SEs, and Controllers, the Events tab within the details page of the GUI filters the events to only show entries for the specific object.  For an event such as create, change the display time to show a considerable frame of time to include the desired event.

 If the object is deleted, it is not possible to navigate into the object to view its events. All events can be viewed through the Operations > All Events page.  This page is unfiltered and shows all objects, even after they have been deleted.  This includes sub objects such as profiles, certificates, and groups.  


Some roles might not have permissions to access the Operations tab.


CONFIG_CREATE API, for looking back through the events for a period of one year.,%22config_create%22)&filter=ne(internal,EVENT_INTERNAL)&filter=co(event_pages,EVENT_PAGE_ALL)&end=2015-11-17T02:29:13.073Z&duration=31536000&step=262800

CONFIG_DELETE API, for looking back through the events for a period of one year.,%22config_delete%22)&filter=ne(internal,EVENT_INTERNAL)&filter=co(event_pages,EVENT_PAGE_ALL)&end=2015-11-17T02:29:13.073Z&duration=31536000&step=262800