This section answers FAQs on expired NSX Advanced Load Balancer licenses.

  1. Why does the NSX Advanced Load Balancer generate alerts for the expired license even though the valid license is applied?

    Each license present on NSX Advanced Load Balancer is considered as a separate object. The NSX Advanced Load Balancer will generate alerts for both types of licenses – active license and expired license. To stop generation of alerts for the expired licenses, delete or uninstall the expired licenses installed on NSX Advanced Load Balancer.

  2. What is the procedure to delete the expired licenses?

    Follow the steps mentioned below to delete the expired license:

    1. Navigate to Administration > Licensing.

    2. Select the expired license from the list, and click Delete to uninstall the expired license.

  3. Is it safe to delete the expired license?

    Yes, it is safe to delete the expired licenses from the NSX Advanced Load Balancer.