Licenses on an NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller can be checked by navigating to Administration > Licensing on the UI. Trial licenses cannot be removed using UI or CLI. NSX Advanced Load Balancer REST API is used to remove trial license.

Follow the instructions mentioned below to remove trial licenses from an NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller.


  1. Enable HTTP Basic authentication:

    1. Log into NSX Advanced Load Balancer UI, navigate to Administration > System Settings , and click EDIT.

    2. Under Access, select Allow Basic Authentication to activate HTTP basic authentication.

  2. Use cURL command to delete the trial license

    1. Run the following cURL command from a host which can reach the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller:

      curl -k --user admin -X DELETE --header 'Accept: application/json' --header
      'X-Avi-Version: <Controller-Version>' 'https://<controller-address>/api/license/Trial'
    2. Example for the cURL command is shown below:

      curl -k --user admin -X DELETE --header 'Accept: application/json' --header
      'X-Avi-Version: 21.1.1' ''
    3. Above command will prompt for the admin password. Enter the password for the admin account.

  3. Verify the changes:

    1. To verify that the trial license is removed from the system successfully, navigate to Administration > Licensing in the NSX Advanced Load Balancer Controller UI and ensure that it is not listed.