Use the following CLI and REST API for performing rollback for a patch version for an SE group.

Using the CLI

[admin:controller]: > rollbackpatch segroup <se-group-name>
[admin:controller]: > rollbackpatch segroup  seg-a

Using the REST API

POST api/rollback JSON data:{‘rollback_type’:2,‘se_group_uuids’: [‘seg-a-uuid’]

See Additional Options for Flexible Upgrades for the following additional options:

  • Rollback - Error Recovery

  • Abort Cleanup

  • SE Group Resume Option

Show Commands

The following show commands provide software version visibility in the system:

  • show version controller

  • show version serviceengine

  • show version serviceenginegroup

The following commands provide upgrade visibility in the system:

  • show upgrade status: Various filters will be implemented as per UI workflow.

  • show upgrade history: This command is deprecated.

  • If the Controller is at the highest version, whereas the SE groups are at lower versions, commands might not work due to the higher version of the Controller.

  • Due to the API version semantics, fields might not be available as they are deprecated in the annotation.

  • Due to API endpoint deprecation, some internal commands might not work.

Alerts and Events

The following events are available to provide visibility:

  • Image upload/delete events

  • Upgrade-specific events

  • Patch-specific events

  • Rollback-specific events

  • Rollback patch-specific events.

  • Failures will translate into alerts.

Additional APIs

The following GET API calls are applicable:

  • The following REST API provides information about all the images present in the system.

    Get API: api/image/
  • The following API provides information about a specific image whose UUID is passed as a slug.

     Get API: api/image/image-uuid
  • Use the following API to delete the image provided if not in use.

     Delete API: api/image/image-uuid
  • Inventory API - api/image-inventory: This API provides the image inventory on the system. It filters based on various options such as retrieve all packages for a version and so on.