There is a known issue with the MSIE 6.0 browsers, where the POST request on a “keep-alive connection” can hang.

The resolution for the known issue is as follows:

  1. By default, NSX Advanced Load Balancer will send the “Connection: close” header to the client and let the client close the connection.

  2. If the customer wants to keep the connection open, they can configure disable_keepalive_posts_msie6 as False under the configure application profile mode.

[admin:th-controller-1]: > configure applicationprofile applicationprofile1
[admin:th-controller-1]: applicationprofile> http_profile
[admin:th-controller-1]: applicationprofile:http_profile> no disable_keepalive_posts_msie6
[admin:th-controller-1]: applicationprofile:http_profile> save
[admin:th-controller-1]: applicationprofile>