Application services running outside the context of NSX Advanced Load Balancer can be incorporated into the global applications of an NSX Advanced Load Balancer GSLB configuration, resulting in a single point of visibility and control for global applications. Sets of third-party applications can be grouped into third-party sites to ease management tasks such as site maintenance.

Defining GSLB Sites

  1. When an authorized administrator navigates to the Infrastructure > GSLB page, they will see the option to add new sites on the top right corner.

  2. Both NSX Advanced Load Balancer sites and third-party sites can be defined as indicated in the following screenshot.

  3. The editor for third-party site creation is shown below.

Use Case: Disabling Third-Party Sites

Aggregating external services into third-party sites allows the administrator to disable all members of a site, instead of having to explicitly modify the members of many GSLB services. For example, when performing hardware or software maintenance at a single site, one can disable a set of resident member services in only one step.

For example, start with the two-site configuration shown below.

To disable third-party member service running at a particular site, navigate to the Edit GSLB Third-party Site screen and deselect the Enabled check box. Click Save.

The Third-party Sites section of the Site Configuration screen will confirm the change as shown below.