This section covers the configuration steps for topology algorithm using NSX Advanced Load Balancer CLI.

To configure topology algorithm using NSX Advanced Load Balancer CLI:


  1. Login to the NSX Advanced Load Balancer CLI shell prompt and configure the topology policy with the required rules and action.
    [admin-cntrl]: configure dnspolicy <dnspolicy name>
     name          Name of the DNS Policy
     rule          (submode)
     save          Save and exit the current submode
  2. Configure or edit the virtual service and associate the topology policy created in the previous step.
    [admin-cntrl: configure virtualservice <virtual service name>
    [admin-cntrl:  virtualservice>  topology_policies dns_policy_ref foo
    [admin-cntrl:  virtualservice> :  save
  3. Configure GSLB service and set algorithm as gslb_algorithm_topology.
    [admin:ctlr-1]: > configure gslbservice gs1
    [admin:ctlr-1]: gslbservice> groups index 1
    [admin:ctlr-1]: gslbservice:groups> algorithm gslb_algorithm_topology
    [admin:ctlr-1]: gslbservice:groups> save
    [admin:ctlr-1]: gslbservice> save
  4. Associate the dns policy with the virtual service dnsvs as shown below.
    [admin-cntrl]: configure virtualservice dnsvs 
    [admin-cntrl]: virtualservice> topology_policies dns_policy_ref dns-vs-TopologyPolicy-0
    [admin-cntrl]: virtualservice> :  save