In the OpenStack cloud, when a virtual service is deleted from NSX Advanced Load Balancer, the port associated with the VIP of the virtual service is also deleted. However, the ports associated with the pool networks of the virtual service are not immediately deleted. Instead, they are removed as part of a garbage collection process.

To force faster deletion of the ports, you can use the following CLI command or API request:

exec cloud cloud-name gc force

The command will need to be run three or four times. The first time, the command is run, the ports are marked for deletion. The ports are then deleted upon subsequent runs of the command.


To force faster deletion of the unneeded ports, use the following API request:

PUT /api/cloud/cloud-uuid/gc?force=True

For instance,

PUT /api/cloud/cloud-bbd20bcf-ebf5-4d2b-b521-9c3f0c369df0/gc?force=True